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Ramsay Health Care

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Gender Equality at Ramsay Health Care

We are determined to provide an equitable and inclusive culture where people of any gender can develop and feel empowered.

Globally, Ramsay Health Care is a significant employer of women and has long been committed to having strong female representation at all levels of  the organisation.

In Australia, women comprise:

  • 80% of our employees
  • 59% of our facility CEOs
  • 60% of our regional executives

In January 2021, Ramsay pledged to achieve 40% women in executive leadership by 2030 as one of the first signatories to the 40:40 Vision, an investor-led initiative to achieve gender balance in the leadership of Australia’s largest listed companies. The gender balance goal is 40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender. Participating in the 40:40 Vision is a way of furthering this commitment and ensuring Ramsay holds itself accountable to these targets.

With a strong pipeline of talented women leaders - including Carmel Monaghan, our first female CEO of Ramsay Australia - we want to show the way for equity and inclusion in health care.